08 December 2017 |  C17052

The new regulation introduces a damage control drill on board all passenger ships to be carried out every three months by the crew.

Ship Owners / Managers / Operators | Surveyors

IMO has introduced a new requirement that covers damage control drills on board all passenger ships coming into force on 01/01/2020.

The new SOLAS Regulation II-1/19-1 introduces the following:

  • A damage control drill shall take place at least every three months. The entire crew need not participate in every drill, but only those crew members with damage control responsibilities.
  • The damage control drill scenarios shall vary each drill so that emergency conditions are simulated for different damage conditions and shall, as far as practicable, be conducted as if there were an actual emergency.
  • Paragraph 4 includes specific requirements for each damage control drill.

For the full IMO MSC.421(98) and all the new requirements of SOLAS Chapter II-1, click here.

Updated Dromon Publication: On board maintenance and drills agenda

We have revised our Technical Publication on this subject to include this new requirement. The publication also incorporates maintenance and inspection requirements of firefighting, lifesaving appliances and radio equipment.

The full publication can be downloaded from here.

Act now

Ship Owners/Managers/Operators should assure that the required drills as well as the on board maintenance program has been revised to take into consideration the above requirement by 01/01/2020.

Dromon Auditors should, during the forthcoming audits, confirm that the maintenance programme on board ships follow the requirements outlined in our publication as well as the new adopted requirement, as applicable. If this is not the case, a corrective plan should be agreed between the auditor and the crew members in cooperation with the ship Owners/Managers/Operators.

For further information, please contact our Marine Division at info@dromon.com

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