ships classification

Classification of ships and other marine floating structures is carried out according to the requirements specified in our Rules and Regulations.

We hold knowledge that is available in the form of personnel expertise, standards, databases and competent network of surveyors ensuring adequate presence in major ports.  Vast of our portfolio of services is concentrated in the classification and technical assessment of ships.

Classification and technical assessment of ships is in accordance to the principles verified by international practice and consists of the execution of technical requirements known as Rules for the Classification and Construction of Sea-Going Ships.

We confirm compliance with the aforementioned rules through a regular survey scheme carried out to ships and other marine related structures, the issuance the Dromon Certificate of Classification and the ship’s entry into our Registry Book.

Classification of ships’related services include surveys of ship’s hull, machinery and electrical plants as well as surveys of refrigerated cargo installations.

Dromon Bureau of Shipping Classification covers sea-going ships, inland waterways ships, floating docks and floating cranes.

Being an International Classification Society we hold a good reputation in the complex and demanding maritime environment.  We have achieved a substantial growth in the acceptance of our classed ships by known European and Russian based insurance firms.