Established in 2003, we have grown to be among the leading engineering service providers with the objective of protecting the environment and life at sea.  Our extensive experience in assessing the design and construction of ships and other marine related structures has established DromonClass as one of the leading independent classification societies.

Our Name & Logo

The “Dromon”, Middle English “dromond” and Old French “dromont”, described any particularly large medieval ship.


“It is our mission to enhance safety of life, property and the environment at sea through the provision of classification, statutory…”

Code of Ethical Business

“Dromon Class depends on its reputation for competence and integrity. Our adherence to strict ethical standards…”

Our Policy

“It is our policy to provide controlled and continually improving quality services to the maritime industry in support of our mission…”

Impartiality Statement

We place the utmost importance on the integrity, impartiality and potential conflicts of interests in carrying out its activities.


ERETES is a free platform for the owners/managers as well as flag States of Dromon Bureau of Shipping Classed…

We celebrate 15th years anniversary



“As an international Classification Society our activities consist the application of our Rules, Regulations, Standards and Guidelines for the design, construction and operational maintenance of ships & marine related structures and the subsequent..”


“As a worldwide Organization we provide on-time and independent verification services to the maritime industry. We provide services for the EU MRV Regulation, the IMO Data Collection System on behalf of various flag State Administrations...”


“We are offering an ISO Quality Management system Certification to your Company. Our Auditors shall audit your system in respect to its performance and efficiency…”


“We are offering a wide range of training courses to our Surveyors and Auditors. Aiming to continually update the know-how of our employees, we offer a variety of training courses drawing on the experience, skills, knowledge, attitudes…”


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“Keep updated with the latest international regulatory news and requirements of the maritime industry.”


Corporate Brochure


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DromonClass 2020 snapshot

DromonClass Signs the Neptune Declaration on Seafarer Wellbeing and Crew Change

Bolivia authorizes DromonClass