IMMARBE requirements for Minimum Safe Manning

10 January 2014 / C14001

IMMARBE has adopted the IMO Res. A.1047(27) with regards to the principles of minimum safe manning. Existing vessels should be re-issued with the new format of the Administration’s Minimum Safe Manning Certificate.


Through Merchant Shipping Notice MSN-0041, IMMARBE has informed all parties concerned that the Administration has adopted the IMO Res. A.1047(27) that outlines the principles of Minimum Safe Manning.

As a consequence to the above, the Minimum Safe Manning (MSM) Certificate of the Administration has been revised to include:

  • A section for ship owner’s name and address; and
  • Main propulsion power to be listed in kilowatts (kW).

The new format of MSM should be issued for all vessels no later than January 1, 2014.

Existing ships already issued by IMMARBE with a MSM Certificate, this should be re-issued based on the new format outlined above.

Act Now

Ship owners / Operators / Managers should contact the Deputy Registrars and Resident Agents to request the re-issuance of the MSM Certificate by the Administration.

Dromon Auditors are requested to check in the forthcoming safety management audits that the MSM Certificate on board Belizean flag vessels complies with the updated requirements of the Administration as per MSN-0041.


Regulation   Ship Type / GT   Date of entry into force
IMO Res. A.1047(27)IMO MSC.325(90)IMMARBE MSN-0041 All vessels that fly the Belize flag 1 January 2014


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