IMMARBE requirements for security training of seafarers

13 January 2014 / C14002

IMMARBE has issued an official notice with regards to the new STCW Convention Regulation VI/6 requirements, the security training for seafarers.


Further to the Manila Amendments of the STCW Convention, the provisions regarding security related training contained in Regulation VI/6, Section A-VI/6 and Section B-VI/6 include the following requirements:

  • Security related familiarization training
  • Security awareness training for seafarers without designated security duties
  • Security training for seafarers with designated security duties

For all the above requirements IMMARBE has issued an official notice, included in this circular.

Act Now

Ship owners / Operators / Managers should assure that the Ship Security Plan (SSP) or Safety Management System (SMS) include security familiarization training for all seafarers on board meeting the STCW Code A-VI/6.1 requirements. If this is not the case, amendments should be carried out and submitted to Dromon Head Office for approval.

With respect to the security awareness training of all seafarers without designated security duties, this shall be received by all seafarers and an STCW Certificate of Proficiency meeting the requirements of STCW Code, Section A-VI/6.4 should be issued.

It is important to note that only the seafarers who have been employed to work on board a Belizean flag vessel prior January 1, 2014 can remain on board until completion of his/her contract without being properly certified under the STCW Code, Section A-VI/6.4. Any new crew member who is employed on board a Belizean flag vessel after January 1, 2014 shall be in possession of the STCW Certificate of Proficiency with regards to the security awareness training as per STCW Code, Section A-VI/6.4.

Dromon Auditors should assure to check the requirements of the Administration in the forthcoming security audits. Dromon Head Office will be releasing further instructions to all security auditors in the forthcoming days.


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