Belize new requirements to improve the detention record in all PSC MoUs

14 April 2015  |  C15013

IMMARBE has published a new Merchant Marine Notice (MMN-15-01) that includes an analysis on Port State Control (PSC) performance for 2014 in all major MoUs.  The MMN also contains new measures implement by the Administration to improve the detention record of Belize flag for 2015.

Ship Owners / Managers / Operators  |  Surveyors

The Administration’s MMN-15-01 published on March 26, 2015 includes an analysis on the deficiencies imposed to the fleet that resulted in detention.  As per the analysis the most frequent reasons that Belizean vessels have been detained are the following:

  • Crew members not familiar with their duties
  • Low level of maintenance of ship and associated equipment
  • Timeliness of periodical inspection of equipment
  • Failure to comply with international Conventions ratified by IMMARBE that are within the competence of the ship Owners / Operators

The MMN includes a comprehensive list of detainable deficiencies based on various areas of inspection conducted by PSC Officers.

The Administration urges ship Owners / Operators to take into consideration the areas of detainable deficiencies and develop / implement preventive actions to avoid re-occurrence.


actions to improve IMMARBE detention record

As a consequence to the number of detainable deficiencies imposed to vessels flying the Belizean flag in 2014, the Administration has implemented the following pro-active measures aiming to improve the performance in 2015:

  • With immediate effect existing vessels detained during 2014 will be subject to 2 (two) Annual Flag Inspections. Owners / Operators will be contacted by IMMARBE’s Technical Team to obtain appropriate details to conduct the Annual Flag Inspection as soon as possible.
  • New and existing vessels which intent to call a Paris MoU port must submit to IMMARBE the PSC inspection checklist within 48 hours prior to vessel’s arrival.  Owners / Operators must submit the checklist duly completed to IMMARBE Technical Department (Ms Sharon Escalante at and Eng. Eduardo Simon at  For IMMARBE PSC Inspection Checklist click here.
  • Vessel with an already poor detention record in all MoUs carried over in 2015 and sustaining further detention (even after GSIs) will be subject to immediate fines and/or exclusion if deemed necessary and depending on the severity of the deficiencies being reported by PSC.
  • ALL new entries into the Registry which intend to call Paris / Tokyo / Med / Black / USCG Ports, Owners / Operators will be informed at the point of registration on the need to make necessary arrangements to prepare the vessel for a general safety inspection within 30 days of enrollment.


act now

Ship Owners / Managers / Operators of vessels flying the Belizean flag are urged by this Bureau to implement in their Safety Management System (SMS) the checklist of the Administration.  The procedure shall request the submission of the checklist duly completed to the Administration within 48 hours prior the vessel’s arrival within the Paris MoU on PSC port.  The checklist can be part of the SMS of the ship and company under Clause 10 that requires from the Company to arrange for inspections of its ships to be carried out at regular intervals.


For the complete IMMARBE MMN-15-01 please click here

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