Dromon Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on Crew Familiarization for Enclosed Space Entry

05 June 2015  |  C15019

Dromon Port & Flag State Inspection Department is initiating the sixth concentrated inspection campaign on crew familiarization for enclosed space entry

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As already been informed through Dromon PSC Publication in May this year, the Paris jointly with Tokyo MoU on PSC will be conducting a concentrated inspection campaign from September to November on crew familiarization for enclosed space entry.

Dromon Port and Flag State Inspection Department in co-operation with our Survey Department has decided to initiate this CIC three months in advance aiming to identify possible deficiencies on board our fleet as well as potential deficiencies that may result in a detention.

As with previous CICs, in practice the CIC will be carried out in conjunction with the forthcoming surveys on all ships and Surveyors will be informed through ISAT Form (refer to QSP 3.2-1/Form 01).  In case a ship is not due for any statutory survey within the next three (3) months, the CIC will be conducted as an Occasional Attendance on board where this is feasible and practicable at a convenient port of call.

The Surveyors will use a standard report (click here to download sample) and will concentrate on the procedures implemented in the ship’s safety management system and crew familiarization with enclosed space entry.  A drill is also going to be conducted to ensure the competency and familiarization of crew members on board.  When deficiencies are found, Surveyors shall inform the Head Office by imposing a Notice of Recommendation as per Dromon QSP 3.2-1/Form 02 indicating clearly the recommendation and due date of rectification.  Any imposed deficiency will be shown on the survey status of the ship and our online platform ‘’ERETES’’ for further action from the Managers/ Owners. 

Dromon has already published a FAQ concerning the Confined Space Safe Entry that can be downloaded here

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