2014 Paris MoU Performance List for ROs

09 June 2015  |  C15020

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The Paris Mou has released the 2014 performance list for Recognized Organizations (ROs).  The list has been adopted at Paris MoU’s 48th meeting last month and is coming in force on July 1, 2015.

Based on the updated list, Dromon remains in the medium category but with the excess factor substantially reduced.  In the 2014 performance table Dromon excess factor is recorded to be 0,53 where as in 2013 was 0,78.

The European port state control 2014 performance list had recorded 37 ROs as shown here.

Dromon will continue to work closely with Owners and Managers as well as flag Administrations to improve the performance of the Organization in the European port state control authority.  Our Port and Flag State Inspection Department will carry on monitoring the inspection regime and follow up each inspection.  Nonetheless, additional Concentrated Inspection Campaigns (CICs) will be initiated in 2016 in areas of inspection that our fleet has recorded the majority of deficiencies.

Dromon will be releasing in the forthcoming month an update in ERETES system where Managers, Owners and flag Administrations will be able to download all port state control inspection reports of their fleet as well as export a report with pending deficiencies from various inspections.  This will assist Owners, Managers and flag Administrations to follow up pending deficiencies and ensure the proper rectification in due time. 

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