#CareerAtSea – we celebrate day of the seafarer

24 June 2015

Day of the seafarer is an official United Nations international observance day organized by IMO and celebrated on the 25th of June reaching millions of people worldwide.

This year’s theme, #CareerAtSea, aims to help address the predicted shortage of seafarers in the future by promoting and highlighting the positive benefits of choosing a career at sea.  The campaign will focus on encouraging young people to consider seafaring and other maritime professions when making choices concerning their careers or their further education.  The aim is to show that seafaring is a viable, attractive and exciting career option.

In his message, IMO Secretary-General, Koji Sekimizu, states that  a career at sea offers young people the opportunity to experience a world of real adventure on the seas and oceans of our planet, to interact with people from all over the world, and to experience the huge variety of mankind’s culture and heritage.  Today, more than ever, seafaring is a job that demands highly trained and qualified personnel. Modern ships are designed and built to the highest technical standards and require crew members with a high level of professional competence. To operate them safely and efficiently is a stimulating job in a truly hi-tech workplace.

See the complete IMO Secretary-General message click here

Dromon is encouraging everyone to get involved in the campaign.  Our Organization has started a campaign to promote the maritime and seafaring professions and raise awareness of the positive benefits of choosing a career at sea or other maritime professions.  Further circulars will be issued concerning this matter.

Seafarers are invited to share their photos on IMO’s new “Photo Wall”, a webpage which invites people to upload photos of their time at sea.

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