Update of ERETES platform with Port State Control reports

26 June 2015  |  C15023

The new function gives the possibility to view Port State Control inspection reports and export a single report with pending deficiencies

Ship Owners / Managers / Operators  |  Surveyors  |  Flag Administrations

In 2014 Dromon provided Owners, Managers and Operators as well as flag Administrations the free online platform ERETES.  Through the platform users can retrieve information on their feet, download copies of certificates and manuals, export a survey status report and request a service.

An update is been released today giving the possibility to Owners / Managers / Operators and flag Administrations to download copies of Port State Control inspection reports.  The reports can be found in the ship’s individual file. 

In addition, the updated version gives the possibility to export a single report with all pending deficiencies or recommendations from various port state control inspections.  The report categorize pending deficiencies based on the port of inspection.  This new function aims to assist Owners / Managers / Operators in the development of a rectification plan for pending deficiencies

Users having an account in ERETES platform can view and make use of the new function as of today.

Owners / Managers / Operators that do not have an account in ERETES can apply through the platform’s website here.

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