IMMARBE new MMN on the Paris & Tokyo MoUs joint CIC

31 July 2015  |  C15026

Belize Administration has issued instructions on the upcoming CIC of the Paris and Tokyo MoUs on crew familiarization for enclosed space entry

Ship Owners / Managers / Operators  |  Surveyors

As already been informed through Dromon #PSC_Notification 005-15 Paris and Tokyo MoUs on Port State Control (PSC) will be conducting a CIC on crew familiarization for enclosed space entry commencing from September 1, 2015 to November 30, 2015.  The ship’s procedure and measures in place with respect to enclosed space will be checked in detail for compliance with the requirements of SOLAS.  This CIC will be conducted during regular PSC Inspections.

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Requirements of IMMARBE

The Administration has issued a new  Merchant Marine Notice (MMN-15-03) requesting from Managers of ships trading within Paris, Tokyo, Black Sea and Indian MoUs on PSC to contact the Master and complete the questionnaire to be used by PSCOs.

To download the questionnaire click here.

The complete questionnaire must be submitted from the Managers to IMMARBE not later than 10 August 2015.  Ship Managers must submit the complete questionnaire duly signed/stamp by the Master to IMMARBE Technical Department as follows:

Capt. Demetrio Cortes –

Eng. Eduardo Simon –

Eng. Jessica Villarreal –

In addition, during the forthcoming Annual Flag Inspections the Inspector together with the Master will complete the questionnaire to be used by the Authorities during the forthcoming CIC.

For the full IMMARBE MMN please click here


act now

Managers of Belizean flag ships are requested to submit the complete questionnaire to the Administration by August 10, 2015.

In addition, Dromon Surveyors will be instructed through ISAT Form (refer to QSP 3.2-1/Form 01) to complete the questionnaire during the forthcoming surveys on all Belizean flag ships.  The questionnaire must be co-signed by the Master of the ship.

In case deficiencies have been found these must be recorded in order to inform the Administration and corrective action to be taken.  Surveyors shall inform the Head Office by imposing a Notice of Recommendation as per Dromon QSP 3.2-1/Form 02 indicating clearly the recommendation and due date of rectification.  Any imposed deficiency will be shown on the survey status of the ship and our online platform ‘’ERETES’’ for further action by the Managers.

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