Moldova Flag State Inspection Policy

16 October 2015  |  C15034

The Administration has issued a circular concerning the policy and procedures to be followed for a Flag State Inspection

Ship Owners / Managers / Operators  |  Surveyors

From October 06, 2015 all vessels registered with the Republic of Moldova shall undergo a Flag State Inspection (FSI).  The FSI will be conducted at a convenient port of call not to interfere with the ship’s operations or schedule.

The Administration has established three types of FSI, the initial inspection, the annual inspection and the re-inspection.

Initial Inspection shall be carried out during the provisional registration of the ship (within the first three months of registration).

Annual Inspection shall be carried out within one year of permanent registration.

Re-inspection shall be carried out in cases where an accident has occur, a detention of the ship or any other extraordinary case.

The full circular of the Administration can be found here

act now

Owners / Managers / Operators of ships flying the Moldavian flag shall assure compliance with the Administration’s requirements.  Failure to comply with the requirements, the Administration will consider the ship substandard and reserves the right to delete the ship from its registry.

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