New Publication: Approval of Service Suppliers

02 March 2016   |  C16005

Dromon releases a new publication with the requirements for the approval of service suppliers.  The procedure has been reviewed in order to verify compliance with RO Code.

Ship Owners / Managers / Operators  |  Flag Administrations  |  Surveyors

For the approval of firms providing services, such as measurements, tests or maintenance of safety systems and equipment, Dromon applies the procedure outlined in our new publication coming in force on March 01, 2016 that can be found here.

The publication includes the minimum requirements for the approval and certification of service suppliers as well as specific requirements based on various categories of service.

New Certification Procedure

For the approval of service suppliers, Dromon has implemented new Certification Procedures based on the revised requirements.  It is important to note that as per new Certification Procedures all service suppliers (irrespective of category) will be issued with a Certificate of Approval valid for three (3) years without the annual verification.  Renewal of the Certificate is to be made at intervals not exceeding three (3) years by verification through audits that approved conditions are maintained or, where applicable, on expiry of the supplier’s approval received from an equipment Manufacturer, whichever comes first. In the latter case, Dromon is to be informed in due course by the Service Supplier.

The above however is not applicable to Companies approved as “Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Service Providers” in accordance with MLC, 2006 Standard A1.4 and Guidelines B1.4.  For these companies the Statement of Compliance will continue to have validity five (5) years subject to annual verification.

Act now

Approvals for the categories of service suppliers granted before March 01, 2016 by Dromon may remain valid as stated in the respective certificates for a period up to but not exceeding 3 years.  Service suppliers shall contact Dromon Head Office for re-certification within this period.

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