DBS and ICS sign Bilateral Agreement

13 November 2015

DBS Managing Director Mr Andreas Nicolaou and General Manager Mr Andreas Philippou recently met with Capt. Tofigh Sadr Moussavi Chairman and the Top Management of the Iranian Classification Society (ICS) at the ICS headquarters in Tehran to sign a bilateral agreement for cooperation between the two class societies.

The agreement includes provisions for cooperation on ship surveying, design and technical documentation approval as well as establishing training programs that will facilitate the exchange of information, experience and knowledge between the two societies.


“We believe this collaboration is a great opportunity to use our resources and know-how in a joint effort to further promote protection of the environment and life at sea.  The agreement provides a greater benefit for the forthcoming challenges of ship inspection and certification”, said Mr Andreas Nicolaou.


About DBS

Established in 2003, Dromon Bureau of Shipping (DBS) is an independent International Classification Society dedicated to provide classification and statutory certification services to ships and other marine structures.  For more information visit: www.dromon.com


About ICS

From its foundation in 2006, promoting maritime safety has been the core commitment of the Iranian Classification Society (ICS).  ICS has been promoting safe shipping and clean oceans by continually developing technology and human resources pertaining to shipping, shipbuilding and other industrial services.  For more information visit: http://www.ics.org.ir/

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