Alert on detainable deficiencies

01 August 2016  |  C16019

Following Dromon Circular C16011 and after a recent Port State Control (PSC) inspection, two deficiencies have been imposed that resulted in the detention of the vessel.  Dromon wishes to draw attention to these detainable deficiencies to avoid re-occurrence.

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Fire hoses not as required

Following the PSC inspection it was noted that the fire hoses have been found broken and/or holed and one hose was missing. It is very important to:

  • Check the condition of hoses, roll hose out on the deck and put under pressure when found necessary.
  • Check hose coupling arrangement.
  • Verify the number and condition for the hydrants and hoses according to the Fire Plan.

For the maintenance and testing of fire hoses refer to the table below and video below.123

    Tests and Checks:
Monthly Check fire hose boxes for damage, locking arrangement, hinges, painted and marked properly.
Fire hoses and nozzles are in place, properly arranged and in good serviceable condition.
Hose box hinges lubricated properly.
Fire hose couplings secured properly and freely moving.
Spanners for hoses in place.
Hose box packing in place.
Coupling’s washer in place.
Check nozzles are free.
Free of obstructions, stored gear etc. which restricts access Annually:
Fire hoses to be hydrostatically tested annually at working pressure.
All nozzles are of correct type, size and in good working order.
Annually Fire hoses to be hydrostatically tested annually at working pressure.
All nozzles are of correct type, size and in good working order.


Malfunction of Rescue Boat engine

During the PSC inspection the rescue boat engine was found inoperative during test. It is important to note that the test of rescue boat engine (SOLAS III/20.6.2, MSC Circ. 1206) must be carried out on weekly basis. It is very important to:

  • Test that the engine of the rescue boat(s) and of each lifeboat, when so fitted, start satisfactory and operate both ahead and astern (SOLAS 74/00 Reg.III/19)
  • Verify the proper working of the Engine propulsion of the Rescue Boat.
  • Verify the type, position and number of rescue boat accordingly at the Emergency Evacuation Plan
  • Verify the capacity of the boat (6 persons)
  • Verify that the rescue boat has the corresponding marking (Name of the Vessel, Port Registry; Dimensions and Capacity of the persons on board).
  • Verify the good condition of the equipment


Proper function of Rescue Boat engine



Act Now

Surveyors must take note on the above detainable deficiencies and give special attention during forthcoming statutory surveys, irrespective of scope.

Ship Owners / Managers / Operators are encouraged to inform Masters and take corrective actions if necessary.  For further assistance please contact DBS Head Office.

Meantime, please refer to our latest technical publication concerning the maintenance and drills as required by statutory instruments on board ships here.

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