IMO requirements on carriage of publications on board ships

02 August 2016  |  C16020

In continuation of Dromon Circular 15040, this is an updated list of publications to be carried on board ships.

Ship Owners / Managers / Operators  |  Ship Masters  |  Flag Administrations

Dromon has issued an updated Technical Publication with the list of publications that must be carried on board ships.  Although a number of publications are not expressly required by IMO instruments, these must be carried on board in order to improve the crew’s knowledge and to enhance the implementation of IMO instruments.

The complete Technical Publication can be found here. 

Act now

Owners / Operators / Managers shall take these requirements into consideration and assure that the list of publications attached to this Circular are always carried on board in an updated edition.

Dromon audit teams performing ISM Code certification shall ensure that the publications listed to this Circular are carried on board in the correct format and updated.  All publications shall be treated according with the document control procedures in the ship’s SMS including respected procedures for updating.

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