Belize Requirements against the MLC Amendments of 2014

21 December 2016  |  C16041

Following Dromon Circular C16021 and as the MLC Amendments of 2014 are coming into force on 18th January 2017, this Circular contains information on the Belize Requirements concerning these amendments.

Ship Owners / Managers / Operators  |  Surveyors  | Deputy Registrars

The International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize (IMMARBE) with the aim to avoid detentions during the entering into force of the MLC 2006 amendments requires all addressed parties to ensure ships compliance with the new Regulations for Repatriation – Regulation 2.5 and Ship-owners Liability – Regulation 4.2, which is coming in force by January 18, 2017.

For more information about the Amendments, please click here.

In order to ensure compliance by January 17, 2017, IMMARBE requires shipowners to submit Declaration of Compliance duly completed, in English language, along with copies of the financial Security (P&l Club or insurer). The Belize Administration will stamp/endorse the Declaration of Compliance, at no extra cost, and return it to shipowners in order to be placed onboard.

IMMARBE will issue at shipowner’s request a DMLC Part I for current registered vessels. Application form for DMLC Part I must be submitted along with copies of the financial security (P & I Club or insurer). Shipowners that would like to apply for new DMLC Part I must contact their responsible Deputy Registrar Office in order for them to submit to IMMARBE the necessary documents.

Once new DMLC Part I, which will include the MLC Amendments of 2014, has been issued at shipowner’s request, the vessel will need to complete again DMLC Part II and contact Dromon Head Office in order to carry out an additional inspection for a new Maritime Labour Certificate to be issued.

Act now

Ship Owners/Managers/Operators of Belizean flying vessels, shall maintain on board both financial security and Shipowners liability which shall be verified during the first intermediate or renewal inspection carried out on or after January 18, 2017.

Ship Owners/Managers/Operators of Belizean flying vessels, need to ensure that the declarations of Maritime Labour Compliance are issued or renewed so as to comply with the requirements of the Convention as amended, on ships that fly their flag, no later than the date of the first renewal inspection following entry into force of the amendments.

Dromon MLC Inspectors must ensure at the upcoming inspections that ship Owners have the necessary evidence of financial security under Regulation 2.5, paragraph 2 for Repatriation and Regulation 4.2 for Ship-owners’ Liability as per the new Appendices A2-I and A4-I respectively.

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