Renewal IOPP Survey prior the entry into force of the BWM Convention on September 08, 2017.

08 March 2017 |  C17015

Following Dromon Circular C16022, this circular provides information for a smooth transition towards the implementation of BWM Convention.

Ship Owners / Managers / Operators  | Surveyors

Considering that neither the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, 1973, as modified by the Protocol 1978 (MARPOL Convention), nor the Survey Guidelines under the Harmonized System of Surveys and Certification (HSSC) prohibits the renewal inspections in advance or the de-harmonization of the IOPP Certificates, it has been accepted the International Oil Pollution Prevention (IOPP) Certificate from being de-harmonized from all other statutory certificates, in order to provide enough time to all applicable vessels to comply with the BWM Convention requirements.

The de-harmonization of the IOPP survey will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by each Flag. Upon completion of the early renewal IOPP survey, Dromon shall issue a new Certificate with validity of 5 years.

BWM Convention requirements

Prior September 08, 2017, on board all applicable vessels an approved Ballast Water Management Plan (BWMP) and a Ballast Water Management Certificate (BWMC) or Statement of Compliance must exist.

After September 08, 2017 and vessel’s first IOPP Renewal Survey, Owners must install on board their vessels the ballast treatment system.

For further information about the BWM Convention and guidelines, please check Dromon Publication.

Act now

Owners / Managers / Operators should consider above information and any action should be taken prior 8th September 2017, when the BWM Convention enters into force.

Owners / Managers / Operators are once more reminded to start submitting to Dromon Engineering Department their Ballast Water Management Plans for review and approval urgently in order to avoid any problems or delays due to the submission of a great number of plans in the very close period to the entry into force of the Convention.

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