Dromon has been accepted as data-provider to Equasis

27 March 2017 |  C17018

From March 2017, Dromon provides data to Equasis and has connected its online survey status platform ERETES to the information system.

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On the 6th July 2016, the Supervisory Committee of Equasis on its 33rd meeting, accepted the application of Dromon Bureau of Shipping (Dromon) to become a data-provider of the information system.  Here you can find Dromon disclaimer with regards to the provided data.

Equasis users can view the following information of Dromon fleet:

  • Classification Surveys and Certification status;
  • Safety Management Certification status; and
  • Ship Management details.

In addition, Dromon has connected to Equasis its online survey status platform ERETES.  This can be accessed under Surveys.  Users have limited access to Dromon online platform and can download a comprehensive survey status report of the ship as well as review status of surveys (completed, pending etc.), issued certificates, approved manuals and port state control inspection results.

Owners/ Managers/ Operators and Flag State Administrations can log-in to ERETES platform through Equasis to retrieve full information about the survey status of the ship.  When log-in, users can download copies of certificates, manuals and full port state control reports.



ERETES is a free platform for the Owners / Managers / Operators as well as flag Administrations of Dromon vessels. The platform is having a responsive design which means that it provides an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices from desktop computer monitors to tablets and mobile devices.

Through the platform the users can retrieve information of their vessels such as:

  • General information about the fleet
  • Completed surveys
  • Due surveys through the “Survey Calendar”
  • Download copies of certificates and manuals
  • Review pending recommendations/ classification memos
  • Review pending Port State Control deficiencies and download individual reports
  • Export a complete survey status
  • Request a service

The platform is constantly updated as it uses identical database of Dromon Head Office.  Visit ERETES through http://eretes.dromon.com/


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