ERETES New Feature: Automatic Email Notification

07 June 2017

The new feature incorporates an automatic email notification for:

  • due/ overdue surveys, audits and inspections;
  • due/ overdue class or statutory recommendations; and
  • due/ overdue non-conformities imposed following an ISM, ISPS or MLC audit.

Users will receive an automatic notification to the email address used to create the ERETES account.  Since the automatic email is generated from ERETES platform the receiver shall contact DBS Head Office for further action and not reply to the received email.

We urge managers and owners that have not applied for an account to ERETES platform to do so in order to benefit from this new feature and therefore be informed on time for upcoming surveys, audits and inspections as well as due recommendations and non-conformities.  You can apply for an account here.

Request a survey

Further to the received email, in case you wish to request a survey, for example an occasional attendance for the rectification of imposed recommendations or schedule a survey that is due for your ship, you can do so by emailing directly DBS Head Office or through ERETES platform using the Survey Request App.

ERETES connection to Equasis

From 2017, DBS has been accepted by Equasis as a data provider and ERETES system has been connected to the platform to provide information on survey status.  Read more here.

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