EU MRV Regulation: Two months left for the assessment of Monitoring Plans

30 June 2017 |  C17027

The first deadline for compliance with EU MRV Regulation is fast approaching.  We wish to urge ship owners to finalize the drafting of monitoring plans and submit these for an assessment before the deadline of 31st August 2017.

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Following our Circular C17005, companies with ships greater than 5,000 GT – regardless of flag State – undertaking commercial voyages from or to EU and EFTA ports must submit their fleet’s monitoring plans for an assessment by 31 August 2017.  The monitoring plan will be assessed by DBS for completeness, accuracy, relevance and conformity.

Monitoring plan requirements

Every company must prepare a ship-specific monitoring plan, to collect and monitor data on a per-voyage or annual basis, as applicable. The monitoring plan is a requirement of the EU MRV Regulation Article 6 and shall follow a template corresponding to the model set out in Annex I of the Commission’s Delegated Regulation 2016/1927 (download here).  It can be separated into ship-specific and company-specific (Tables B.2, B.5, D, E and F.1) sections.

The monitoring plan shall consist of a complete and transparent documentation of the monitoring method for the ship concerned and shall contain information on the CO2 emission sources on board, a description of the procedures, systems and responsibilities used to update the list of CO2 emission sources over the reporting period.  In addition, the monitoring plan shall include a description of the procedures used to ensure the completeness of the list of voyages, the fuel consumption, emission factors used for each fuel type, activity data per voyage and how surrogate data for closing data gaps is determined.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the monitoring plan

Below is a list of FAQ relating to the EU MRV Regulation monitoring requirements as prepared by DBS.  Download the full DBS FAQ publication here.

A FAQ has also been released by the EU and can be accessed through the website here.

Act now

Ship owners/ managers are encourage to submit their monitoring plans for an assessment prior 31 August 2017 so sufficient time is provided for compliance with the EU MRV Regulation.

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