EU MRV Regulation: The first monitoring period has commenced

05 January 2018 |  C18002

As of 01/01/2018 every ship above 5,000 GT irrespective of flag undertaking one or more commercial voyages into, out of or between EU ports shall monitor emissions, falling under the scope of the EU MRV Regulation, on a per-voyage basis and aggregate the voyage data in an annual report.

Ship Owners / Managers / Operators | GHG Emissions VV/ IR/ MPA

The monitoring on a per-voyage basis shall cover the following parameters:

  • Port of departure and port of arrival, including the date and hour of departure and arrival
  • Amount and emissions factor for each type of fuel consumed in total
  • CO2 emitted
  • Distance travelled
  • Time spent at sea
  • Cargo carried
  • Transport work, which is defined as: distance travelled x cargo carried

The EU MRV Regulation allows for exemption from the per-voyage monitoring when all the ship’s voyages during the reporting period either start from or end at a port under the jurisdiction of an EU Member State and the ship performs more than 300 voyages during the reporting period.  In case your ship falls under this exemption it shall already be indicated under Table C.3 of the assessed monitoring plan.

The EU MRV Regulation applies to commercial voyages only, which means any ship that calls at an EU port to:

  • load/unload cargo, or
  • ballast voyage, or
  • embark/ disembark passengers.

On the other hand, ships’ movements that do not serve the purpose of transporting cargo or passengers for commercial purposes are not subject to EU MRV Regulation, for example dry docking, maintenance, relieving crew etc.

It is also important to note that for voyages starting in previous calendar year and ending in the next calendar year, the data are to be reported under the first calendar year.  For example, a voyage starting from Limassol on 28th of December 2018 and ending in Piraeus on 02nd of January 2019 must be included in the 2018 annual report.

EMSA Video for Voyage and in-Port reporting

EMSA has released a video explaining which voyages and in port activities shall be reported that can be found here.  We strongly recommend to view this video.

Assessed monitoring plans

Dromon Bureau of Shipping (DBS) has issued a Review Letter for each assessed monitoring plan.  The Review Letter is not a requirement of the EU MRV Regulation nevertheless, we are issuing this as a confirmation that the submitted monitoring plan has been assessed and found in compliance with the EU MRV Regulation.  You are encouraged to submit the original Review Letter on board the ship along with a hard copy of the monitoring plan and all supporting forms.  A copy of the Review Letter on board the ship will also be considered sufficient.

Verification of the emissions reports

We encourage to gather all information required by the EU MRV Regulation so next year, during the verification of the emissions report, can be easily retrieved.  For example, copies of bunker delivery notes, noon-reports etc. shall be readily available next year for verification purposes.

DBS Pre-verification Information sheet (already submitted to you) includes a list of documents that DBS will request next year for the verification of the annual emissions reports (refer to the tables in page 5).

THETIS – MRV Account

If you have not created an account in THETIS – MRV we recommend to do so at earliest opportunity.  To create an account in THETIS MRV visit:

For further information on THETIS – MRV please read our Circular C17033 that can be found here.

Further information

Please visit DBS EU MRV Verification Designated website: that you can find further information about the regulation and our procedures for the assessment of monitoring plans, verification of the emissions reports and the issuance of the Document of Compliance.

In addition DBS has prepared and released a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) publication that can be found here.

For further information about the regulation please visit EC Climate Action website found here.

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