Clean Shipping Index: Updates in the Methodology and Reporting Guidelines

31 May 2018 |  C18022

The updates include minor changes in the methodology of calculating and reporting CO2, SOx, NOx and PM emissions as well as chemicals.

Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators | Verifiers/ Validators

The following updates have been implemented:

  1. “Gas carrier / payload ratio: 0,8” added to Table 5 on page 9.
  2. “Ships carrying products with densities below 0.9 tonne/m3 should use a payload factor of…” added to page 9.
  3. Dichlofluanid (CAS nr: 1085-98-9) was added as approved antifouling biocide in Table 6 on page 12
  4. “75% load factor is approved on installations done before 2018” and “Measurements done by accredited institutions are also accepted” added to the NOx-section on page 10.
  5. “For new vessels, the calculation is based on any fuel order basis” added to 3.3 SOx and PM emissions on page 11
  6. “Option 5 (new vessels). The scoring is based on how the vessel’s EEDI relates to the EEDI requirement/regulatory limit, yet the figure is reported as an EEOI figure in CSI by following calculation (example)…” added to 3.1 Calculating and reporting CO2 emissions on page 8.

The updated guidelines can be downloaded from our designated website here.

Act now

Companies shall consider these updates at upcoming verifications.

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