ERETES software: Do you have an account?

26 June 2018 |  C18030

Following a recent customer satisfaction survey, it was concluded that although customers are aware of ERETES software not everyone has an account.  We wish to encourage customers to apply for an account to our software to receive the full benefit of our services.

Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators

ERETES software is a free platform for the owners/managers of Dromon Bureau of Shipping Classed vessels or vessels that have been issued with statutory certification.

The software has been developed in 2014 by DromonClass and since then is constantly updated with new features to meet our customers’ expectations.

ERETES users can retrieve information of their vessels such as:

  1. General information about the fleet
  2. Completed surveys
  3. Due surveys through the “Survey Calendar”
  4. Download copies of certificates and approved manuals
  5. Review pending recommendations/ classification memos and download comprehensive reports
  6. Review pending Port State Control (PSC) deficiencies and download individual PSC inspection reports
  7. Export a complete survey status
  8. Request a service

The software is constantly updated as it uses identical database with DromonClass Head Office.

In addition, through ERETES customers receive email notifications for due/ upcoming surveys, recommendations, classification memos etc.

Since 2017, ERETES software has been accepted as a data provider to Equasis.  Users can have limited information on our fleet.

Act now

We encourage our customers to apply for an account to ERETES software in order to have the full benefit of our services.  To apply for an account please visit:

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