Guidelines with frequent deficiencies per port

07 September 2018

Dromon Port and Flag State Inspection Department has issued this publication showing the most frequently deficiencies per port.

The tables shown in this publication present information collected by the Port and Flag State Department the rolling period of the last three (3) years through Port State Control Inspections on board Dromon vessels.

The ports mentioned in this publication reflect the most frequently visited ports.

The most notable and common deficiencies are the ones that the Port State Control Officers pay the outmost attention.

Shipowners / Managers / Operators are encouraged to take a note on the information mentioned in this publication and if necessary corrective actions to be implemented to avoid possible deficiencies. Special attention should be given on those deficiencies aiming to achieve better results and clear PSC Reports.

DBS strongly encourages the crew on board to use DBS PSC Inspection Checklist, prior the ship’s arrival into port.

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