Digital approval of manuals

18 October 2018 |  C18048

We would like to inform our clients that DromonClass Engineering Department has commence the digital approval of Manuals and Booklets.

Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators | Flag Administrations | Surveyors / Auditors

This is the first step toward the digitalization of our system. Through the reviewing and approval of the manuals and booklets by electronic means we aim to reduce any applicable extra cost, minimize the burden of documentation and improve any time – consuming Certification and/or Engineering Procedures.

The electronic manuals and booklets are digitally signed and stamped and uploaded to our Eretes platform as per usual practice.

Shipowners / Managers / Operators will be notified by our Engineers for the approval and insertion  of their vessel’s manuals and booklets in Eretes systems and reminded that the system offers the possibility to log-in and download copies of same. Shipowners / Managers / Operators are responsible of placing the approved manuals and booklets on board their vessels.

DromonClass will digitally approve all manuals and booklets, except the Fire Plan, which as per usual practice shall be digitally approved, printed  and dispatched on board the vessel.

Act now

Shipowners / Managers / Operators of vessels certified under DromonClass should note the above amendment and those individuals who do not yet have an Eretes account, are encouraged to apply to receive the full benefit of our services. To apply for an account please visit:

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