Jordan Maritime Commission authorizes Dromon Bureau of Shipping

Jordan Maritime Commission has authorized Dromon Bureau of Shipping (DromonClass) as a Classification Society, Recognized Organization (RO) and Recognized Security Organization (RSO) to perform class and statutory certification services on behalf of the Flag Administration.

This authorization comes in a year that DromonClass celebrates its 15th Anniversary, following 2017, a year with great accomplishments, such as the approval by Liberia Registry for the IMO Data Collection System, the accreditation by UKAS for EU MRV Regulation, the connection of our ERETES platform with Equasis and our acceptance as a data provider, the release of automatic email notification from ERETES platform, the successful transition to ISO 9001:2015 one year in advance from the deadline; the introduction of our PSC Preventive Inspection Scheme; and the authorization by Panama Flag.

In 2018, DromonClass has been accredited by the Clean Shipping Index to provide verification services for the environmental parameters emitted and produced and; has been authorized by Antigua & Barbuda Maritime Administration to provide verification services for the IMO data collection system for fuel oil consumption of ships as implemented by amendments to MARPOL Annex VI.

We foresee that this authorization will further enrich our Organization and we anticipate that additional accomplishments will be finalized by the end of this celebrative year.

Stay connected with us and follow our 15th Years Anniversary celebrations with the hashtag #15YearsDromon

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