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20 November 2018 |  C18052

Article 12 of the EU MRV Regulation requires by MRV Companies to submit annual Emissions Report through THETIS MRV.  EMSA has launched tutorial videos explaining how to create an Emissions Report through THETIS MRV.

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Background Information

From 2019, by 30th April of each year, the MRV company responsible for the ship on 31st December of the reporting period shall submit a satisfactorily verified Emissions Report to the EU Commission using THETIS MRV database.  In parallel, MRV verifiers are to indicate that the Emission Report has been considered satisfactory so the conditions for issuing a Document of Compliance have been fulfilled.

From 2019, by 30th June of each year, ships having carried out activities falling under the EU MRV Regulation during the precedent calendar year shall carry on board a valid Document of Compliance, issued in accordance with the THETIS MRV database, when calling at EEA ports.

EMSA has launched THETIS MRV to be used by all relevant parties foreseen by the EU MRV Regulation to fulfil their monitoring and reporting obligations as outlined above in a centralized and harmonized way.

Creating an account to THETIS MRV

In case you do not have an account to THETIS MRV, you shall apply as soon as possible for your ship’s verified Emissions Report to be reported to EU Commission and allow DromonClass to issue the required Document of Compliance.  For creating an account to THETIS MRV database please refer to our Circular C18027 issued on 14 June 2018.

You can access THETIS MRV database through here.

Tutorial videos for creating an Emissions Report

EMSA has prepared a series of tutorial videos explaining the procedure to be followed for creating the Emissions Report:

This video explains the process of creating an Emission Report in two (2) steps.  The first step is entering monitoring information and the second step is creating the Emission Report based on information from Step 1.  This video is important to understand the voluntary and mandatory reporting requirements.

This video explains the Emissions Report workflow.

This video demonstrates the content of Emissions Report making a link with the template as defined in Annex II of EU MRV Regulation or the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/1927.

This video explains how MRV Companies shall submit an Emissions Report to the Verifier and, following a successful verification, submits the Emission Report to the Commission.

Tutorial video for uploading data through XML File

You have the possibility to upload data using an XML File therefore, reducing the administrative burner.  Watch the video on how to use XML file to upload data into the system:

Upload data through XML file

Act now

MRV Companies are encouraged to create an account in THETIS MRV if haven’t done so till today.

Before creating an Emissions Report make sure the ship’s particulars (for e.g. ship’s name, flag Administration etc.) are updated and correct.  In case ship’s particulars are not updated you must make necessary corrections.

For further information about the EU MRV Regulation and guidelines, please visit our designated website here.

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