Panama Maritime Authority has celebrated its 100th Anniversary with Dromon Bureau of Shipping

Panama Maritime Authority has celebrated its 100th Anniversary with Dromon Bureau of Shipping.  The event took place at Caromill at Limassol, Cyprus on December 04th, 2018. It is worth to note that our event was the last of all global celebrations of the Panamanian Registry.

Since this year DromonClass also celebrates its 15th Anniversary, we jointly celebrated the two Anniversaries at a successful event, where both DromonClass and the Panama Maritime Authority presented their services to the local audience.

In a statement DromonClass Managing Director Mr Andreas Nicolaou stated: “It was an outstanding moment in the history of Dromon that we obtained the recognition by PMA who granted us the honour of being listed amongst the ROs of Panama. The undertaking of the duties and responsibilities of this recognition were undertaken with the utmost diligence and professionalism.  We assure the PMA that our organization’s support and contribution to the further development of the Administration will continue with persistence, dedication and professionalism. There is no doubt that both the PMA and DBS are united today in their ongoing quest for high standards, good performance and continuous improvement.”


Panama Maritime Authority has authorized DromonClass as a Classification Society, Recognized Organization and Recognized Security Organization, since 2017. DromonClass is authorized by Panama to perform plan review, carry out surveys, issue or revoke necessary interim and full term statutory certificates to the vessels registered or to be registered under the Panamanian Registry. DBS dedication to quality services is reflected in the trust and confidence shown by the largest Flag Administration in the world to authorize our Organization.

In 2018, DromonClass has been approved by Jordan Flag and accredited by the Clean Shipping Index to provide verification services for the environmental parameters. In addition, DromonClass has been authorized by Antigua & Barbuda, Liberia, Tuvalu and Niue to provide verification services for the IMO data collection system for fuel oil consumption of ships as implemented by amendments to MARPOL Annex VI.


We will continue to invest heavily in our personnel and in our infrastructure in order to reach higher levels of quality always staying focused on responsible business practices while delivering value to our clients”, Mr Nicolaou said.


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