EU MRV Regulation & BREXIT updates

17 January 2019 |  C19002

The European Commission has released updates concerning the BREXIT and the EU MRV Regulation

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The United Kingdom submitted on 29 March 2017 the notification of its intention to withdraw from the Union pursuant to Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union. This means that as from 30 March 2019, the United Kingdom will be a ‘third country’.

In view of the uncertainties surrounding the ratification of the Withdrawal Agreement, all interested parties, and especially economic operators, are reminded of legal repercussions, which need to be considered when the United Kingdom becomes a third country.

Subject to the transition period provided for in the draft Withdrawal Agreement, as of the withdrawal date, the EU rules governing reporting, monitoring and verification of CO2 emissions from maritime transport, and in particular, Regulation (EU) 2015/757 on the Monitoring, Reporting and Verification of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions from Maritime Transport, no longer apply to the United Kingdom.

Scope of the monitoring obligation

According to Articles 4(1) and 6(1) of Regulation (EU) 2015/757, companies shall monitor and report CO2 emissions of their ships – regardless of their flag – within Member State ports and for any voyage to or from the port of a Member State. Companies have to submit monitoring plans to accredited verifiers setting out inter alia the monitoring method for each of their ships, as well as verified annual emission reports containing all relevant data to the European Commission and the authorities of the Flag State.

As of the withdrawal date, CO2 emissions

  • of ships within ports under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom; and
  • from voyages from a port of the United Kingdom to the port of a third country, and vice-versa

do not fall under these monitoring and reporting requirements.

Documents of compliance & Accreditation of Verification Bodies

According to Articles 13 and 17 of Regulation (EU) 2015/757, a verifier shall assess the conformity of the monitoring plan with the Regulation and issue a document of compliance. According to Article 17(4) of Regulation (EU) 2015/757, the verifier shall inform the Commission and the flag State of the issuance of the document of compliance. According to Article 16 of Regulation (EU) 2015/757, the verifier has to be accredited by a national accreditation body of an EU Member State in line with Regulation (EC) No 765/2008.

As of the withdrawal date, accreditations by the UK National Accreditation Body will no longer be valid in the EU. As a consequence, as of the withdrawal date, verifiers accredited by the UK National Accreditation Body can no longer issue documents of compliance under Regulation (EU) 2015/757.

Dromon Accreditation by ESYD

Since Dromon has been accredited among the first accredited verification bodies, we have undergone an additional audit by the Hellenic Accreditation System and gain another accreditation against the ISO 14065 standard to provide worldwide services related to Regulation (EU) 2015/757 on the monitoring, reporting and verification of carbon dioxide emissions from maritime transport.

Act now

Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators of vessels falling under the EU MRV Regulation note that as from the above mentioned withdrawal date the United Kingdom ports will not be included in the reporting data, as applicable.

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