2019 MRV Reporting period finalized

24 April 2019

We are excited to announce the completion and submission of the satisfactorily verified Emissions Reports of our fleet to the EU Commission using the THETIS MRV database ahead the deadline.

From 2019, by 30th April of each year, the MRV company responsible for the ship shall submit a satisfactorily verified Emissions Report to the EU Commission using THETIS MRV database.  In parallel, DromonClass is to indicate that the Emission Report has been considered satisfactory so the conditions for issuing a Document of Compliance have been fulfilled.

From 2019, by 30th June of each year, ships having carried out activities falling under the EU MRV Regulation during the precedent calendar year (reporting period X) shall carry on board a valid Document of Compliance, issued in accordance with the THETIS MRV database, when calling at EEA ports.

DromonClass Environmental Division has worked extensively to meet the above-mentioned deadline this year. From all of us a big thank you for your effort and dedication towards the scheme.


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