Reminder on DBS Outstanding Recommendations Policy

06 September 2019 |  C19037

Dromon wishes to remind Owners on our Outstanding Recommendations Policy.

Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators | Surveyors / Auditors

Following completion of classification and statutory surveys, DromonClass has noticed that a number of imposed recommendations are not rectified prior the ship’s departure from inspection port.  More specifically, although recommendations and/or deficiencies are communicated to Owners/ Managers and Masters through our “Notice of Recommendation Form” these remain outstanding even after the completion of our survey without prior notification to DromonClass Head Office and the flag State, as applicable.

With this Circular we wish to draw everyone’s attention that all recommendations relating to classification and statutory certification must be rectified prior departure from inspection port as well as issuance and/or endorsement of any Classification and/or Statutory Certificate.

In case Managers/ Owners cannot rectify the imposed recommendation at the inspection port the following actions shall be taken:

  1. For recommendations relating to Classification surveys a Condition of Class shall be imposed, that shall be rectified within a specified time limit.  Recommendations relating to class items are corrosion, structural defects or damage to hull, machinery and/ or equipment, which based on DromonClass Rules and in the opinion of the Surveyor affect the ship’s classification status.
  2. For recommendations relating to Statutory surveys, Owners/ Managers must have the consent of the flag State for the recommendation not to be rectified before departure.  The flag State shall agree for the imposed recommendation to be rectified within a specified time limit.  The flag State may require the issuance of Conditional Statutory Certificate for the imposed recommendation to remain open for a specific time frame.  In this case the Surveyor will be informed accordingly.

This policy is to protect attending surveyors from being exposed to decisions that may cause a detention of the vessel and comes in line with Dromon Detention policy as distributed through C13028.

Act now

Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators should take into consideration above policy and note that all recommendations should be rectified prior departure.  For any outstanding recommendation relating to class items, the consent of DromonClass Head Office shall be granted before the Certificate of Classification is issued and/or endorsed.  For any outstanding recommendation relating to statutory items a flag State approval and/or letter shall be issued with the consent of the flag and further instructions in case a conditional certificate shall be issued.

Attending Surveyors shall explain to the ship’s Master and/ or Owner representative the recommendations and why these have been imposed as well as outline what is expected in order for each imposed recommendation to be considered rectified.  In addition, attending Surveyors shall not issue and/or endorse certificates with outstanding recommendations.

Owners/ Managers/ Operators will be notified through ERETES platform on outstanding recommendations and conditions of class with due dates.

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