Moldova requirements on submitting survey and inspection reports

20 January 2020 |  C20005

The Naval Agency has undertaken proactive measures to inform Owners of Moldova flagged vessels regarding the mandatory submission of inspection and survey reports.

Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators | Surveyors / Auditors

The Naval Agency of the Republic of Moldova (NARM), has released Circular No. 529, on survey and inspection reports requirements with an effective date 01 January 2020.

NARM requests Owners / Managers / Operators of Moldova flagged vessels and their Masters to submit the following information after each Port State Control Inspection, regardless of the memorandum of understanding a control of the Port State in which the inspection was carried out:

  • Reports of inspection;
  • Notifications of detention;
  • Notifications of release;
  • Refusals of access order (if applicable);
  • Survey reports;
  • ISM reports;
  • RO survey reports; and
  • Deficiencies rectification reports.


The above information is mandatory to be presented within a maximum period of 7 working days from the moment of its submitted.

In case of failure to submit within the deadline indicated of the requested information, NARM will apply coercive measures as suspension of the Flag from a period of time, or up to the exclusion of the ship from the State Ship Register, or the withdrawal of the Master’s Endorsement issued by NARM.

Act now

Ship Owners / Managers / Operators of Moldova flagged vessels must instruct the Masters onboard to submit the above information to the Flag Administration, as required, in order to comply with the Administration’s requirements.

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