Alert on detainable deficiencies

31 January 2020 |  C20009

Following a recent Port State Control (PSC) inspection, a number of deficiencies have been imposed that resulted in the detention of the vessel.  Dromon wishes to draw attention to these detainable deficiencies to avoid re-occurrence.

Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators | Surveyors / Auditors


Through the PSC Inspection, it was noted that the Steering gear lube oil low level alarm was found inoperative.

SOLAS Chapter II-1/Regulation 29-12.2 requires that hydraulic power-operated steering gear shall be provided with the following:

  1. arrangements to maintain the cleanliness of the hydraulic fluid taking into consideration the type and design of the hydraulic system;
  2. a low level alarm for each hydraulic fluid reservoir to give the earliest practicable indication of hydraulic fluid leakage. Audible and visual alarms shall be given on the navigating bridge and in the machinery space where they can be readily observed; and
  3. a fixed storage tank having sufficient capacity to recharge at least one power actuating system including the reservoir, where the main steering gear is required to be power operated. The storage tank shall be permanently connected by piping in such a manner that the hydraulic systems can be readily recharged from a position within the steering gear compartment and shall be provided with a contents gauge.



The PSC report indicated that the Main engine fuel leakage alarm was found inoperative.

The alarm constitutes part of the jacketed piping system. Substituting a jacketed piping system with a “suitable enclosure” with thus cancel the leak alarm requirement. The same applies for leak collection.

As per SOLAS Chapter II-2 it is required that all external high-pressure fuel delivery lines between the high-pressure fuel pumps and fuel injectors shall be protected with a jacketed piping system capable of containing fuel from a high-pressure line failure. A jacketed pipe incorporates an outer pipe into which the high-pressure fuel pipe is placed, forming a permanent assembly. The jacketed piping system shall include a means for collection of leakages and arrangements shall be provided for an alarm to be given of a fuel line failure.



During the PSC Inspection, it was noted that the Main engine oil mist detection alarm was found inoperative.

As per SOLAS Regulation II-1/27.5, the Oil Mist Detector arrangements (or engine bearing temperature monitors or equivalent devices) are part of the automatic shut-off arrangements required by SOLAS regulation II-1/27.5, in the case of medium and high-speed diesel engines of 2,250 kW and above or having cylinders of more than 300 mm bore.

For the case of low speed diesel engines of 2,250 kW and above or having cylinders of more than 300 mm bore, the OMD arrangements (or engine bearing temperature monitors or equivalent devices) should initiate the alarm and slow down procedures.

The consequences of overriding automatic shut-off arrangements should be established and documented.

Masters should perform routine checks on all engine room sensors and alarms. Different main engine safety alarms and trips also to be tried out at regular basis and faults to be attended immediately.

Act now

Surveyors / Auditors must take note on the above detainable deficiencies and give special attention during forthcoming class and statutory surveys and audits, irrespective of scope.

Shipowners / Managers / Operators are kindly requested to pay special attention into those deficiencies, note the Regulations requirements and to inform Masters on taking corrective actions, if necessary.

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