Promotion announcement

05 February 2020

We are very pleased to announce the promotion of two DromonClass employees.

Mr Giannis Nikolaou as a Deputy Marine Manager

Giannis has been with DromonClass for close eight years, continuously climbing the ranks with his dedication and commitment to his work. Two out of those years were spent as an Engineer in our Engineering Department, where he has shown very good performance, and since 2014, Giannis held the position of the Fleet in Service Marine Officer for the Marine Division.

Giannis attended Plymouth University and came to DromonClass after graduation. Giannis has demonstrated his innovative skills in DromonClass services.


Ms Natalie Charalambous as a Fleet Records Supervisor

Natalie has been with DromonClass for four years and has been an invaluable member of our team.

Natalie’s performance has been influential for DromonClass in excellent record of customer relation and problem resolution. Natalie is recognized for her ability as a team player and overcoming difficulties in challenging moments. The quality of dedication and customer satisfaction is very important for the company’s long-term success.


Giannis Nikolaou

Fleet in Service Marine Department, Marine Division

Promoted to Deputy Marine Manager effective January 01, 2020.

Natalie Charalambous

Fleet in Service Marine Department, Marine Division

Promoted to Fleet Records Supervisor effective January 01, 2020.


We would like to congratulate both colleagues on their great performance and promotion as a result. DromonClass is confident that both employees will keep up the good work and maintain their flawless standard in our Organization.

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