EU MRV Implementation: Meeting at DG Climate Action with Verification Bodies

10 March 2020

Dromon Bureau of Shipping (DromonClass) has recently participated at a meeting that was held at DG Climate Action, in Brussels, where the topics which have been discussed during the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) – THETIS workshop, in Lisbon at the end of November have been considered.

The main objective of the meeting was to introduce ways on how the Verification Bodies to be best prepared for the beginning of the second cycle for compliance with the EU MRV Regulation and the lessons learnt from the first compliance cycle.

It’s worth to note that the Verification Bodies participating meeting, plus EA, had given presentations to highlight the issues and lessons learnt that the Companies faced during and at the end of the first compliance cycle.

Suggestions and improving methods as well as a presentation from DG MOVE on how be better organized for this year’s compliance period were part of this meeting.

About DromonClass & the EU MRV Regulation

DromonClass has been accredited under the ISO 14065 and can provide worldwide services related to Regulation (EU) 2015/757 on the monitoring, reporting and verification of carbon dioxide emissions from maritime transport (known as the EU-MRV Regulation).

DromonClass can offer services relating to the assessment of monitoring plans, verification of the emissions reports and issue the require Document of Compliance (DoC) to each ship.

The EU-MRV Regulation applies to ships above 5,000 GT, irrespective of flag undertaking one or more commercial voyages into, out of or between EU ports. It requires per-voyage monitoring of CO2 emissions as well as annual disclosure of aggregated data on a ship basis.

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