DromonClass e-Certificates

12 May 2020

We are proud to announce that DromonClass issues e-Certificates.

Taken the occasion of the issuance of electronic certificates due to COVID-19, our Organization has developed a platform, where the issued electronic certificates can be verified online, having in mind that Ship Owners as well as the Administration itself will be needing a tool to verify any certificate issued during this period. By these means, we would additionally, like to safeguard our fleet from any dispute that may raise with any Port State Control Authority.

Any DromonClass e-Certificate issued as of April 13, 2020, can be verified through: https://verify.dromon.com.

Taking the above feature a step further, we have proceeded to adjust this tool to our quality management system and have revised our procedures whereas, during the platform’s design we have used the IMO Guidelines for the issuance of electronic certificates (FAL.5/Circ.39/Rev.2).

The platform fully complies with the above-mentioned Guidelines since it has the following features:

  1. validity and consistency with the format and content required by the relevant international convention or instrument, as applicable;
  2. protected from edits, modifications or revisions;
  3. a unique tracking number used for verification; and
  4. a printable and visible symbol that confirms the source of issuance.


In a statement DromonClass co-CEO Mr Andreas Nicolaou stated: “I would say that Ship Operators, Administrations and Classification Societies are anxious to address ongoing management challenges and improve efficiency as a result of the tremendous legislation burden.  It is recognizable by all parties that the answer to those challenges is the digitalization.  It is the correct path which can reduce the administrative burdens and enhance the productivity and efficiency.”



DromonClass continues to develop new features and services in order to assist its Colleagues, Associates, Clients and Fleet and we can assure you all further enhancements. As a modern Classification Society, we are looking forward to the challenges ahead and how we can further serve the community.


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