#SeafarersAreKeyWorkers – We celebrate the Day of the seafarer

10 June 2020 |  C20030

This year, the annual Day of the Seafarer will be celebrating its 10th anniversary on 25 June. This year’s theme year is: “#SeafarersAreKeyWorkers”

Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators | Surveyors / Auditors / Verifiers

The Day of the Seafarer was established in a resolution adopted by the 2010 Diplomatic Conference in Manila to adopt the revised STCW Convention. Its stated purpose is to recognize the unique contribution made by seafarers from all over the world to international seaborne trade, the world economy and civil society as a whole.

The resolution encourages Governments, shipping organizations, companies, shipowners and all other parties concerned to duly and appropriately promote the Day of the Seafarer and take action to celebrate it meaningfully. The Day of the Seafarer is recognized by the United Nations as an observance day.

2020 campaign – Seafarers are Key Workers

​Seafarers are on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic, playing an essential role in maintaining the flow of vital goods, such as food, medicines and medical supplies. However, the crisis has led to difficult working conditions for seafarers, including uncertainties and difficulties about port access, re-supply, crew changeovers and repatriation.

This year, the Day of the Seafarer campaign calls on Member States to recognize seafarers as key workers – and to provide them with the support, assistance and travel options open to all key workers during the pandemic.

IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim has himself issued a moving personal message to seafarers everywhere, assuring them that IMO understands the unique problems they face during the coronavirus pandemic and has been working tirelessly at all levels to find solutions for them. Secretary-General Lim has also urged IMO Member States and shipping companies to adopt a practical and pragmatic approach to issues like crew changeovers, resupply, repairs, survey, and certification and licensing of seafarers.

The 2020 Day of the Seafarer campaign pays tribute to seafarers, acknowledging their sacrifice and the issues they face. Many seafarers have been away from home for months and are unsure when they will be able to return home due to travel restrictions.

The campaign also seeks to raise awareness of the work achieved by seafarers in response to the pandemic and to thank them for their contribution. Everyone is invited to recognize that the ability of seafarers to deliver vital goods is central to responding to, and eventually overcoming, this pandemic.

The campaign encourages everyone to treat seafarers with the respect and dignity they deserve so that they can continue to provide their vital services to keep world trade moving.

Campaign features

The 2020 campaign hashtag is #SeafarersAreKeyWorkers

#SeafarersAreKeyWorkers can be used by anyone engaging in the campaign to pay tribute to seafarers and thank them for their important role in these unusual times.

Seafarers themselves can use it to showcase their own position at the front line of this global crisis and share their experience with the rest of the world. Shipping companies and port organizations are also invited to show their appreciation for seafarers.

All IMO’s social media platforms will be featured but Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will account for most activity.

Act now

Dromon is encouraging everyone to get involved in the campaign. You can start spreading the message through social media using the campaign hashtag #SeafarersAreKeyWorkers.

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