COVID19 – Panama Policy on the postponement and extension of statutory certification and services

21 September 2020 |  C20039

Panama Maritime Authority has released MMN-07/2020 to inform all ships’ owners/operators, ROs and other interested parties on how to proceed in case of request for postponement-extension of statutory certification & services.

Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators | Surveyors / Auditors

Panama Maritime Authority has issued MMN-07/2020 advising all Panama authorized Recognized Organizations on the action to be taken in the cases of surveys/audits postponement and/or extension of certification and services.

More specifically, the Panama Notice mentions a number of actions that should be followed in case above mentioned cases may be needed.

All statutory Certificates’ extensions for the maximum period of three (3) months according to Conventions shall be requested on a case by case basis to PMA.

Following the recommendation in the IMO Circular Letter No.4204/Add.19/Rev.2, dated 22 July 2020, Recognized Organizations are instructed from 1st September 2020, to request authorization to issue conditional certificates on a case by case basis due to extraordinary circumstances and if no other alternative exist, following the annexed Guiding Principles in the IMO Circular Letter (Guiding principles for the provision of technical and implementation advice to flag States when considering whether to permit statutory certificate extension beyond 3 months).

The conditional certificate validity should be according to the authorization letter granted.

The postponement/Extension of the inspection of the outside ships’ bottom will continue to be processed on a case by case basis. Please follow the guidelines provided in our Merchant Marine Circular No.204 further to the IMO Circular Letter. Inspections afloat using remote inspection techniques might be allowed under exceptional circumstances. Extensions beyond three (3) months may require an appropriate risk-based survey approved by the RO, including mitigation measures.

Equipment Services: services and expiry date of life saving appliances, navigation and firefighting equipment’s are allowed for an immediate extension valid for three (3) months subject to the agreement of the Recognized Organization. Extensions required beyond three (3) months period will be granted on a case by case basis, according to the circumstances, provided that supporting evidence of each case is presented.

For ISPS, ISM and MLC authorization, the RO should apply through the E-SEGUMAR platform to postpone the verification for three (3) months.

Remote surveys may be allowed after evaluating the scope intended to cover, and on a case by case basis due to exceptional circumstances of COVID-19.

Ships Registry Certificates (Patent) and Radio Station since 14 April 2020 are issued in electronic form.

The implementation of these instructions is due to the urgency related to COVID-19. However, as soon as the crises overcome, and restrictions imposed by each State have raised, we will return to our regular procedures, and a review of the new mechanisms implemented will take place. The Administration will continue evaluating the current worldwide situation due to the COVID-19.

Act now

Owners/ Managers/ Operators are recommended to continue monitoring the situation by consulting the Marine Notices and procedures communicated by the WHO, the IMO, ILO, and DromonClass.

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