IMMARBE issues a warning for vessels caught intentionally with seafarers onboard with invalid/expired contracts or SEA

18 December 2020 |  C20052

DromonClass wish to advise all parties concerned on the MMN-20-005 regarding seafarer’s invalid/expired contracts or SEAs.

Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators | Surveyors / Auditors

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic a humanitarian crisis is taking place at sea due to restrictions imposed by several governments including restrictions on travel, embarkation and disembarkation in ports, quarantine measures, reductions in available flights and limits on the issuing of visas and passports.

The Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 in its standard A. 2.5 “Repatriation”, specifically, in its regulation 2 (b) states that the maximum duration of service periods on board shall be less than 12 months.

There are some seafarers have now been on board their ships for a period exceeding the maximum duration of service onboard in line with  the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006.

IMMARBE has issued Merchant Marine Notice MMN-20-005 to remind all interested parties that any Belize flagged Vessel that it is caught intentionally with seafarers onboard with invalid and/or expired Contracts or Seafarers Employment Agreements (SEAs) will be subject to disciplinary actions in accordance with Regulations 7 (Fines) and 8 (Cancellation of Registration or Documents) of the Statutory Instrument 156 of 1991 – Disciplinary Regulations.

Special Circumstances

When the change of crew is not possible a prompt notification must be submitted to IMMARBE’s Head Office with:

  1. Proven evidences of all unsuccessfully attempts for repatriation;
  2. Published local restrictions;
  3. Vessel’s itinerary;
  4. Action plan taken in order to ensure the repatriation in a short period; and
  5. Risk assessment in order to mitigate the fatigue due to long period onboard.

Act now

Owners / Managers / Operators of Belizean flagged vessels should take into consideration above information and avoid having any seafarer onboard after the maximum period allowed.

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