Belize Change of Status Requirements

06 May 2021 |  C21010

IMMARBE wishes to inform all concerned parties of new requirements for change of status of a Belizean registered vessel from operational to dry-docking repairs or laid-up

Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators | Surveyors / Auditors | Deputy Registrar

All Belizean registered vessel with intention to change its status from operational to dry-docking repairs or laid-up shall notify IMMARBE’s Technical Department of this intention along with the period needed under the new status. The vessel authorized for above-mentioned change of status will be provided with a Statement of Authorization in accordance with below IMMARBE MMN-21-001.

Failure to notify IMMARBE’s Technical Department, the vessel will be considered as a vessel under normal operation.

Shipowners and ISM Operators must get in contact with Dromon Head Office – in charge of the Statutory, ISM, ISPS and MLC certification and inquire about their procedures for change of status to avoid suspension or cancellation of the vessel certification. These procedures must be followed during needed period for dry-docking repairs or laid-up.

Failure to comply with all procedures set by Dromon for change of status may lead to a serious non-compliance with our national requirements.

Minimum Safe Manning

During dry-docking repairs the existing Minimum Safe Manning Certificate will remain in force. During laid-up, the existing Minimum Safe Manning Certificate will remain in force unless a new certificate with reduced crew complement is requested to IMMARBE’s Technical Department. This Minimum Safe Manning Certificate with reduced crew complement will be valid for the declared laid-up period.


LRIT & AIS must be fully operational during dry-docking or laid-up period. If the LRIT & AIS should be deactivated or switched off during dry-docking or laid-up period, an immediate notification to IMMARBE’s Technical Department shall be made in order to authorize such action.

Failure to comply with above items, the vessel will be considered in contravention with our MMN-19-005r1 “WARNING of Belize Flagged Vessels caught intentionally deactivating the LRIT & AIS”.


In order to have a Statement of Authorization for the change of status issued, the Owner/Operator shall submit through its Designated Office or Deputy Registrar:

  • A complete Application Form (TDF-006) addressing the change of status and the period needed.
  • A non-inconvenience confirmation of the change of status from the Recognized Organization.
  • Confirmation if the LRIT & AIS will be operational during this period. If the LRIT & AIS need to be deactivated or switched off, reasons of this action need to be provided.
  • Request of a new Minimum Safe Manning Certificate, if a reduced crew complement is needed during this period.

Upon collection of all the above, the Designated Office or Deputy Registrar shall apply for the issuance of a Statement of Authorization to IMMARBE’s Technical Department (Eng. Eduardo Simon (, Mr. Anique Sabal (, Mr. Martin McCord ( and Mrs. Sharon Escalante ( for the proper processing of the request and emission of this Technical Certificate.

Applicable fee will be in accordance with the Merchant Marine Notice (19-003).

Act now

Ship Owners / Managers / Operators / Deputy Registrar should take into consideration the above notice and ensure its provisions are enforced on board vessels registered at IMMARBE.

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