Paris MoU Annual Report 2020

09 July 2021 |  C21017

The Paris MoU released the Annual Report 2020 indicating the RO Performance lists for the period 2018-2020.

Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators | Flag Administrations | Surveyors/Auditors

During 2020 the Paris MoU continued with its work of inspecting ships on the basis of the relevant instruments of the Memorandum. The annual report provides an overview of the main activities and developments within the Paris MoU for the year. The annexes and tables provide details of the results of inspections carried out by our Member Authorities. The Paris MoU invites those interested in shipping to visit its website as a reliable source of information about the Paris MoU, including the results of the inspections carried out.

% of Detentions of Ships with RO Related Detainable Deficiencies per Recognized Organization

On the below table DBS is ranked 6th, showing also the improvement from 2018 to 2019 on the percentage of detentions of DBS ships with RO related detainable deficiencies.

Recognized Organization Performance Table 2018-2020

During the 2-year reporting period 2018-2020, DBS recorded 606 inspections with 13 RO attributed detentions, resulting to an excess factor of 0.57.

DBS continues to demonstrate improvement on its Port State Control results, listed 19th among 32 Recognized Organizations in the list.

It is important to note that, since DBS listing on the RO performance table of the Paris MoU on PSC, it have always been listed in the medium performance with continuous improvement on the excess factor.

Number of Certificates Covering Ro Responsible Detainable Deficiencies 2020

By checking the table below, the number of DBS certificates, inspected through 2020, seems remarkable especially in comparison to other ROs. DBS ranked 9th out of 29 Recognized Organizations.

Act now

With an aim to maintain this position and achieve a greater performance, DBS would like to remind Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators on our Outstanding Recommendation Policy given through C18031.

In addition, through C18027, Shipowners have been informed on the DBS PSC Preventive Inspection Scheme introduced by our Port and Flag State Inspection Department. Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators should be reminded that DBS is able to assist in reducing deficiencies on board their fleet and register their vessels under our scheme. By registering to our PSC Preventive Inspection Scheme, you are preventing possible deficiencies that may also lead to a detention.


Source: Paris MoU

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