Alert on detainable deficiencies

30 August 2021 |  C21024

Following a recent Port State Control (PSC) inspection, a number of deficiencies have been imposed that resulted in the detention of the vessel.  Dromon wishes to draw attention to these detainable deficiencies to avoid re-occurrence.

Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators | Surveyors/Auditors


Through the PSC Inspection, it was noted that rocket parachute flares have been found expired on board.

SOLAS Chapter III/Regulation 6.3 requires that not less than 12 rocket parachute flares, complying with the below requirements of the LSA Code, shall be carried and bestowed on or near the navigating bridge.

The rocket parachute flare shall:

  • be contained in a water-resistant casing;
  • have brief instructions or diagrams clearly illustrating the use of the rocket parachute flare printed on its casing;
  • have brief integral means of ignition; and
  • be so designed as not to cause discomfort to the person holding the casing when used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions

The rocket shall, when fired vertically, reach an altitude of not less than 300m. At or near the top of its trajectory, the rocket shall eject a parachute flare, which shall:

  • Burn with a bright red color;
  • Burn uniformly with an average luminous intensity of not less than 30,000 cd;
  • Have a burning period of not less than 40 s;
  • Have a rate of descent of not more than 5 m/s; and
  • Not damage its parachute or attachments while burning.



The PSC report indicated that there was water leakage from fire line in middle ship starboard side.

Fire-fighting systems and appliances must be kept in good working order and readily available for immediate use. Dromon C20041 described the maintenance of fire pumps, emergency fire pumps and their pipes.

The crew should be reminded on the testing and maintenance for both of the above mentioned equipment. Dromon Publication on onboard maintenance and drills agenda, should be followed enabling the vessel to comply with the regulations.

Act now

Surveyors / Auditors must take note on the above detainable deficiencies and give special attention during forthcoming class and statutory surveys and audits, irrespective of scope.

Shipowners / Managers / Operators are kindly requested to pay special attention into those deficiencies, note the Regulations requirements and to inform Masters on taking corrective actions, if necessary.

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