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03 September 2021 |  C21026

DromonClass sets the requirements on their testing, inspection, approval and maintenance and offers Containers Approval and Certification.

Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators | Surveyors/Auditors

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO), in cooperation with the Economic Commission for Europe, developed a draft convention and in 1972 the finalized Convention was adopted at a conference jointly convened by the United Nations and IMO.

The 1972 Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) has two goals. One is to maintain a high level of safety of human life in the transport and handling of containers by providing generally acceptable test procedures and related strength requirements. The other is to facilitate the international transport of containers by providing uniform international safety regulations, equally applicable to all modes of surface transport.  In this way, proliferation of divergent national safety regulations can be avoided.

The requirements of the Convention apply to the great majority of freight containers used internationally, except those designed especially for carriage by air.  As it was not intended that all containers or reusable packing boxes should be affected, the scope of the Convention is limited to containers of a prescribed minimum size having corner fittings   devices which permit handling, securing or stacking.

Dromon has developed relevant procedures and set requirements for the approval and certification of Containers.

Any interested party that would like their Containers to be DBS approved, should contact our Marine Division for a service request and certification.

We shall then provide immediate solution, attendance and Certification.

Dromon Publication on Containers sets the CSC and Dromon requirements on the testing, inspection, approval and maintenance of containers.

Act now

Owners / Managers / Operators should take into consideration the above development and contact Dromon Marine Division for certification.

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