Amendments to the LSA Code

13 September 2021 |  C21031

The Maritime Safety Committee, at its 101st session, approved the amendments to the LSA Code on requirements for lifeboats, launching and embarkation appliances.

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The International Life-Saving Appliance Code (LSA Code) provides international requirements for the life-saving appliances that are required by the SOLAS Convention.

The Maritime Safety Committee (MSC), at is 101st session (13 June 2019), adopted the amendments to the LSA Code through IMO Resolution MSC 459(101), that includes below amendments:

General requirements for lifeboats

Paragraph is replaced and states that except for free fall lifeboats, or lifeboats equipped with two independent propulsion systems, whose arrangement consists of two separate engines, shaft lines, fuel tanks, piping systems and any other associated ancillary, sufficient buoyant oars to make headway in calm seas should be provided. Thole pins or crutches shall be attached to the boat by lanyards or chains;”

Launching and embarkation appliances

A new text after paragraph has been added requiring that on cargo ships equipped with a rescue boat is not one of the ship’s survival craft, having a mass not more than 700kg in fully equipped condition, with engine but without the crew, the launching appliance of the boat does not need to be fitted with stored mechanical power provided that:

  1. manual hoisting from the stowed position and turning out to the embarkation position is possible by one person;
  2. the force on the crack handle does not exceed 160 N at the maximum crack radius of 350mm; and
  3. means having sufficient strength such as bowsing line are provided for bringing the rescue boat against the ship’s side and holding it alongside so that persons can be safely embarked.


The amendments shall enter into force on 1 January 2024, whereas the amendment to paragraph of the Code shall apply to rescue boats installed on board ships on or after 1 January 2024.

Act now

Shipowners/ Managers / Operators should take into consideration the above amendments to the LCA Code and ensure compliance to avoid any issues with the Port State Control Authorities.

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