Detainable deficiencies

29 September 2021

The purpose of this Publication is to summarize the most important deficiencies exported from several Port State Control (PSC) Inspections that resulted into a vessel’s detention.

Many of the deficiencies in this document show three major issues are the main cause of those detainable deficiencies: the lack of planned maintenance properly followed by the crew on board, the lack of Crew Familiarization with SMS system and the lack of monitoring by the ISM Company.

Ship Owners/ Ship Managers / Operators should follow up on the following deficiencies to avoid recurrence on board their ships.

Dromon Publication on “On-board maintenance and Drills agenda” includes all items to be reviewed, checked and maintained through the ship’s maintenance program according to the relevant IMO Regulations and Resolutions. The schedule should be strictly followed to assist the crew and vessel and avoid possible deficiencies and/or ships’ detention.

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