New Criteria under Clean Shipping Index (CSI)

16 March 2022 |  C22018

The Swedish Environmental Research Institute has updated the verification, methodology and reporting guidelines on the Clean Shipping Index.

Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators | Verifiers

The revised Guidelines for verification, methodology and reporting under the Clean Shipping Index (CSI), released on January 31, 2022 include new criteria for CSI, how to report data to the CSI and of the annual verification routine of SOX/ PM and CO2 performance data.

The CSI Technical Committee has decided to update the CSI with new criteria. The changes are regarding the criteria connected to Anti-fouling, Sewage and NOx emissions. A new criterion has also been added concerning scrubber water.

  1. Scrubber water

Points are to be given to ships that do not release any scrubber water but rather meet the Sulphur regulations using either distillate oils, LNG or alcohols. Thus, the use of fuels containing residual oil, such as Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO) or Ultra Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (ULSFO) do not render any points in this criterion due to the uncertainty in the risks for the marine environment and air quality from the use of such products. This new criterion is added to keep up with the growing scientific evidence that the release of scrubber water has risks for the marine environment.

  1. Anti-fouling

Scoring will only be received for non-biological antifouling paints.

  1. Sewage

Scoring will only be received if ship has an approved sewage treatment plant according to MEPC on board or if all sewage is left on land for treatment.

  1. NOx Emissions

Emissions of NOx will be compared with the Tier III-level in MARPOL Annex VI. Scoring is to be received for main engines and auxiliary engines.

  1. Improved routine for CO2 and SOX update

Since January 1st, 2022, the routine with annual updates of ship performance data for CO2 and SOx will be started again. However, it is the verifier that will add the figures to the CSI database and ensure they are correct.


DBS acting as your Verifier

DBS is accredited according to ISO 14065 and by the Clean Shipping Index project management and its technical committee.

On behalf of Clean Shipping Index, we can provide verification services for the environmental parameters emitted and produced from your fleet. Data such as greenhouse gases, sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides, chemicals, wastes and scrubber water, harmful to people and the marine environment included in the index and verified by our Organization.

For more information on the Clean Shipping Index, please visit our website.

Act now

Ship Owners / Managers / Operators of vessels verified under CSI, are encouraged to note the above updates.

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