DromonClass Concentrated Inspection Campaign on STCW

C22023  |  03 August 2022

Dromon Fleet in Service Marine Department has initiated the same Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) with Paris and Tokyo MoU, one month in advance.

Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators | Surveyors / Auditors

Member Authorities of the Tokyo and the Paris Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) on Port State Control will launch a joint Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on STCW. This inspection campaign will be held for three (3) months, commencing on 01 of September 2022 and ending on 30 of November 2022, in conjunction with the regular PSC inspection.

The campaign on STCW aims to confirm that:

  • the number of seafarers serving on board and their certificates are in conformity with the relevant provisions of STCW Convention and Code and the applicable safe manning requirements as determined by the Flag State Administration;
  • all seafarers serving on board, who are required to be certificated in accordance with STCW Convention, hold an appropriate certificate or a valid dispensation, or provide documentary proof that an application for an endorsement has been submitted to the Flag State Administration;
  • the seafarers on board hold a valid medical certificate as required by STCW Convention;
  • the watch-keeping schedules and hours of rest indicate compliance with the requirements of STCW Convention and Code;


Dromon Fleet in Service Marine Department initiates the same Campaign, one month in advance, starting August 03, to run for four (4) months, until November 30, aiming to identify possible deficiencies on board our fleet as well as potential deficiencies that may result in a detention.

As with previous CICs, in practice this CIC will be carried out in conjunction with the forthcoming surveys on all ships and Surveyors will be informed through their assignment.

In case a ship is not due for any statutory survey within this period, the CIC will be conducted as an Occasional Attendance on board where this is feasible and practicable at a convenient port of call.

Any identified deficiency will be recorded in the vessel’s survey status report for the proper follow-up and for a corrective action plan. Our myDromon platform possesses the capability for further investigation and review of the deficiencies. With the purpose to assess and verify whether measures and corrective actions were carried out, Dromon may request to execute a predetermined additional occasional attendance.

To download DromonClass Report of CIC on STCW click here.

For Guidance on CIC on STCW click here.


Act Now


Dromon Surveyors shall use the CIC checklist attached to this Circular that is identical to the checklist to be used by the Paris and Tokyo MoUs.

Attending Surveyors are authorized, during forthcoming surveys/audits irrespective of scope, to assure and evaluate the desired performance of the CIC checklist, in order to prevent unexpected deficiencies onboard.

When deficiencies are found, Surveyors shall inform the Dromon Head office by imposing a Recommendation through myDromon indicating clearly the recommendation and due date of rectification. Any imposed deficiency will be shown on the survey status of the ship and our online platform ‘’ERETES’’ for further actions by the Manager.

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