Dromon has been awarded “Gold Environment Protector”

Our participation in Pancyprian environmental awards for organizations and companies for the year 2021 was a great congratulation for DBS.

Notice to: Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators | Surveyors/Auditors/Verifiers

16 September 2022

The “Gold Environment Protector” award has been granted upon Dromon Bureau of Shipping for the year 2021.

The evaluation was carried out in the presence of the Environment Commissioner, Ms. Clelia Vassiliou, and representatives of all Cooperating Agencies. It is with great honour that Dromon receives this distinction, as the protection of the environment is a profound commitment of the organization.

The company has incorporated strategies and initiatives towards the better preservation of the Environment and is constantly cultivating an eco-friendly culture within the organization, personnel, and collaborators.

Everyone here at Dromon Bureau of Shipping are particularly happy for this distinction and the recognition of all the company’s efforts to implement sound environmental practices. The award will be granted by the president of the Republic Mr. Nikos Anastasiades at a Special Official Ceremony at the Presidential Palace.

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