Celebrating the World Maritime Day

Today, 29 September 2022, we celebrate the World Maritime Day, which was established by IMO to honour seafarers and all those involved in the maritime / shipping industry.

Notice to: Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators | Surveyors/Auditors/Verifiers

C22031 | 29 September 2022

World Maritime Day is celebrated on the last Thursday of every September. This day celebrates the achievements of maritime transport and the contributions made by seafarers throughout history. IMO’s theme for 2022 is new technologies for greener shipping.

A greener transition, a sustainable future

The theme for this year focuses on the need to have a green transition of the maritime sector into a sustainable future, making sure all take part in it. This is an opportunity to focus on the importance of a sustainable maritime sector and the need to build back better and greener in a post pandemic world.

Sustainable Development Goals

The 2022 theme will also allow for a range of activities to reconnoitre specific topics related to promotion of inclusive innovation and uptake of new technologies to support the needs for a greener transition of the maritime sector, especially in the context of developing countries, and in particular the small island developing States (SIDS) and least developed countries (LDCs). There is also a link to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDGs 13 and 14 on climate action and sustainable use of the oceans, seas and marine resources; SDG 9 on industry, innovation and infrastructure; and SDG 17, which highlights the importance of partnerships and implementation to achieve these goals.

This year’s observance will be celebrated on 29 September 2022 and its parallel event is expected to be held in South Africa.

The need for a secure, greener, and sustainable future

International shipping transports more than 80 per cent of global trade to peoples and communities all over the world. Shipping is the most efficient and cost-effective method of international transportation for most goods; it provides a dependable, low-cost means of transporting goods globally, facilitating commerce and helping to create prosperity among nations and peoples.

The world relies on a safe, secure and efficient international shipping industry, which is an essential component of any programme for future sustainable green economic growth in a sustainable manner.

IMO’s commitment to a greener future through innovation

The promotion of sustainable shipping and sustainable maritime development is one of the major priorities of IMO in the coming years. Therefore, energy efficiency, new technology and innovation, maritime education and training, maritime security, maritime traffic management and the development of the maritime infrastructure: the development and implementation of global standards covering these and other issues will underpin IMO’s commitment to provide the institutional framework necessary for a green and sustainable global maritime transportation system.

DBS commitment

On one hand we are hereby sending our wishes to all seafarers around the world, who are the people dedicating their lives in running and operating the vessels, whilst on the other hand we wish for all those in the maritime industry (shipping companies, classification societies, machinery / equipment manufacturers, shipyards / workshops, maritime consultancy firms, suppliers, agents etc.) and thank them for their contribution to national and global economy.

Let us all celebrate the World Maritime Day and especially for us, Dromon Bureau of Shipping, let us wish for a healthy and steady growth on a concrete basis of our qualified personnel and our good clients and let us move together towards a greener maritime future.

World Maritime Day Logo by IMO

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